Don’t live in pain

Pain is a perception – nothing more, nothing less. Understanding pain allows you to gain control of your care. Freedom from pain is not possible – with the right tools it is probable.

Taking Back Control: The 5 Stages

Back in Control: A Spine Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain discusses the variables that affect your perception of pain. This website is the action plan that outlines a self-directed five-stage journey. It will guide you along a transformative path from suffering to empowerment and vitality.


Stage 1

Address anxiety.

Pain increases anxiety. By using Mind Body principles alternate neurological pathways are created to diminish it.


Stage 2

Deal with anger.

Being trapped by pain is frustrating. You must break loose of your anger to move forward.


Stage 3

Reactive to creative.

You have been in a survival mode. Free yourself from your painful past and create a full life.


Stage 4

Take back your life.

Chronic pain isolates you. Re-establish a nurturing home and valuable friendships.


Stage 5

Live a rich, full life.

Connect with the beauty of life – awakened, recharged, and full of hope.
Your pain will be a distant memory.

Getting Started

  1. Learn about the DOCC project
  2. Understanding Pain: What to Do About it in Five Minutes
  3. Charlie’s Story—After seeing 16 physicians in three months without success, he has been pain free for years.
  4. Begin writing - Writing creates new pathways and is the foundation of the project.

This website is the action plan of Back in Control

  • There are five stages; each with five steps.
  • Each stage is intended to be an 8 to 10 week experience.
  • Many people experience significant changes within four to six weeks

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